Working through old emotional patterns

Maya Angelou said “If we knew better, we would do better.” I disagree. If we felt better, we would do better.

Most of the decisions we make come from our emotions and the emotional centers of the brain, even if we’re not aware of it or think we are making “rational” decisions. If we know ourselves and our emotional patterns and habits, we are much more likely to be able to shift other habits. We can then decode behaviors that have otherwise seemed difficult to shift. This takes time and work but it is so worth it.

When we understand ourselves at this deeper level, we can:

-root out old habits that are no longer serving us

-shift emotional loops that can harm our relationships

-feel more consistently at peace

-become a vibrational match for the life we are wanting to live

Enjoy this video on how to shift those old, entrenched patterns and habits so that you can create the habits and life you WANT!!

love, Jenna

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