Spiritual Freedom

8 ways to slow down and still get everything done

I just spent a week studying with one of my beloved teachers. We spent the week learning mantra, kirtan, music and practicing deep, soulful yoga asana, meditation and pranayama. I’m feeling this rebellion come up inside me against the rigid, linear expectations of our male dominated culture and the remnants of my childhood and upbringing. …
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Making peace with our flaws

Were all neurotic, by the way. I say smiling to a class of yoga students, as they sit on their mat, looking at me expectantly. Some of them smile and chuckle with me, others nod eagerly at me and others seem to be having a difficult time paying attention. I continue: So if we can …
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Working through old emotional patterns

Maya Angelou said “If we knew better, we would do better.” I disagree. If we felt better, we would do better. Most of the decisions we make come from our emotions and the emotional centers of the brain, even if we’re not aware of it or think we are making “rational” decisions. If we know …
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