Heart Opening Cacao Recipe

I shared some photos of this over on my instagram and got a lot of responses asking for the recipe! So here ya go! 

Ceremonial cacao has been used for centuries in Central and South America to bring the sacred into the material. 

Ceremonial cacao (not cacao powder- we want the cacao butter to still be intact, hence using the block) is high in anti-oxidants, full of healthy fats, is a mood enhancer, a grounded energy source, meaning you wont get headaches or the jitters from it like you would with coffee, is detoxifying, increases focus and energy, and has so many essential vitamins and minerals in it. 

Spiritually, this recipe will expand your consciousness, inspire your creativity, relaxes the body and the ego (opening up the heart), and fosters connection. 

So heres the recipe: 

1-2 ounces raw cacao, shaved from the block 

5-7 ounces of hot water 

Honey or maple syrup to taste 

Optional splash of non dairy milk

1 toothpick drop of doTERRA cinnamon essential oil 

Pour the hot water over the cacao in a blender. Add all other ingredients. Blend. Enjoy with a deck of tarot cards or before meditation or setting your intention for the day. I love drinking this before going to ecstatic dance! 

doTERRA cinnamon oil has one of the highest ORAC scores of any food (the score that measures the anti-oxidant load). It is incredible for the immune system and boosts metabolism. This is a very hot oil when its this pure so please only use a toothpick amount. For more information and to join my essential oil family (and receive even more personal training from me), click here. 

Sourcing your cacao: Its imperative that the sourcing be ethical, sustainable and traceable. I love Heartblood Cacao but have also heard wonderful things about Kakao and Maretai Organics. 

Warning: This recipe is highly energizing – do not drink after about 7pm! You wont be able to fall asleep. 😉 

This is Lennon, my Great Pyrenees pup, after his daily dose of cacao (jk do NOT feed any chocolate to doggies please!! It can kill them):