Wilderness Therapy

I am a Primary Therapist for Evoke Therapy Programs, one of the premier wilderness therapy companies in the world, with clinical outcomes 30% higher than the industry average. I currently treat adolescents aged 13-17 through Evoke’s proven treatment model of whole-health and apply it to primitive living in the wilderness, free of distractions, and rich with metaphor. This experience consists of backpacking and primitive living skills, coupled with personalized clinical treatment and individualized and group therapy. I tailor every client’s treatment plan to their unique needs and history.

For a list of issues our wilderness therapy program works well with visit Is Evoke Right for Me? Please contact one of our admissions counselors to find out how Evoke’s wilderness program can help you.

Wilderness Clients I Work Well With:

I enjoy working with clinically complex adolescents and young adults who have a history of acute or long-term trauma, grief, and insecure or disorganized attachment styles. I also work specifically with trauma resolution by helping facilitate positive changes in the physiological states of depression and anxiety. My clients tend to be bright, strong-willed, and big-hearted but present with depression, anxiety, suicidality/ideation and PTSD. They often feel overwhelmed and shut down due to difficult life events and family dynamics. I weave Somatic Experiencing, family systems, clinical aromatherapy, canine-assisted psychotherapy and mindfulness practices into my relational and transpersonal approach to psychotherapy. Many of my clients have been through significant amounts of treatment already to very little avail and are needing an innovative approach to therapy in order to truly heal.

Enjoy These Webinars I Taught for Parents in Wilderness Therapy

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